1. There was a kid called Joseph  
Hed been dealt a bad hand 
Was born poor and a bastard
But grew up to be a preacher 

Made a new friend called Franz

Joe went over to Franz house  

Said: see this poem I once wrote
I feel like its got something
Can you please put some music
To my words

Looking down at the paper 

And the title read:
Silent Night  

2. The first time they performed it

It was Christmas Eve
They sang it together
Franz played the guitar
I can see them before me

And this big shot organ builder
Fell in love with the song
Brought it back to his home town
Where some folk singers heard it
And they spread it around

Slightly changed
each time it was sung,
Silent Night

When Im down I just think about it

How they must have felt when they performed it  

If the choir cried when they sang it
If anyone in the church that day said 

Well I like the older stuff better 

They should do more upbeat tunes

It could have been a day like any other day
Where Joseph would be preachin and Franz would be playin
9 out of10 days are slightly disappointing

But on the tenth, you see that light beckoning

They had no idea 
Silent Night would turn out to be
Silent Night.

Sing it with me.

Let your voice carry
from all those miles away.
If you sing loud enough,
my  microphone might record you

3. In World War One, 1914

Because it was Christmas, there was a short truce on the battle field

Both sides laid own their weapons, sang carols in the night. 

And the day after,
like nothing had happened,
they picked up the fight. 

There was only one song
known to soldiers on both sides. 

And for a second
All was calm, and all was bright.