1. Remember I took on too much last spring? 

After a while, my nerves went to war for anything.
Overfeeling everything
Sad looking sock and I’d be down for the whole weekend.

And I couldn’t sleep at nights because my
rabbit heart kept me awake
du-du-du-dunk all night
and all the news
and the opinions
and the strip lights

So that was when I seriously started
considering hibernation
Felt like the natural thing to do, just
going into sleep mode
I just said I love you to my family
went over to the station
Took a train and jumped right out in the woods
Lied there until my summer fat wore off

2. Halfway into the forest
Met some kids there with a bright red spade.
Offered them a twenty for it. 

Said I need to get myself some sort of cave.

And I said to the kids
”take that spade out and dig
dig-dig-dig-dig I need a hole this big

so it fits me arms out
I need it for the coming six months

See lately I have seriously been
considering hibernation
Feels like the natural thing to do, just
going into sleep mode
I thought, I’m just gonna pack my bags, go over to the station
Take a train and jump right out in the woods
Lie here until my summer fat wears off”

I wouldn’t have to worry about the world
I’m a bear in hibernation, I don’t worry about the world